Mount Kailash, Tibet                                     

When the big bang occurred the first substance in existence were minerals, which created our planet and solar system.  Crystals are minerals in their most evolved state.  Crystals remind and guide us in our evolution back to the Source.

Crystals are created from all the elements of Mother Earth. Crystal quartz crystallises and grows with the Earth-beat at about 1cm each 100 years.  Quartz has a very high vibration and frequency: she is pure crystallised energy existing within this planet.  She is galactic alignment.

Quartz links the Earth's Crystalline Core, through the energy network of the web of the crystal grid.

C R Y S T A L   G R I D

"Crystal Grid Network:  A matrix of energy lines that may be perceived as a web encompassing the entire universe.  This web, in which all things are simultaneously interconnected, can also be seen as a vast information network." Ariel Spilsbury and Michael Bryner

Q U A R T Z   C R Y S T A L

Lake Manasarova, Tibet                                                               

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Tibet photos: Jennifer Harmony